Students interested in pursuing doctoral study in Library & Information Science should familiarize themselves with the research interests of the graduate faculty in the School of Computing and Information.

An advisor will be assigned to the student upon entering the program, but the student is free to select a different advisor for subsequent advising and registration. The advisor must be a member of the graduate faculty in the Library and Information Science Program who is able to spend the time and effort necessary for the advising role; will be available for examinations; and with whom a productive and comfortable working relationship can be established. The advisor selected by the student for the period prior to the dissertation stage of the program is the program advisor. The program advisor and the dissertation advisor may be the same person, but the student has the option to select a different advisor for the dissertation.

Mary K. Biagini
Adult and young-adult resources and reading interests; Continuing education; Online education; School-library media-center management.

Leanne Bowler
Young people and their experiences interacting with information, data, and technology as they use, create, learn, and play in socio-technical environments, as well as the role that their families and out-of-school organizations like libraries play in this arena.

Richard J. Cox
Archives and Records Management; History of archives, Libraries and the information professions; Archival ethics; Archives and education.

James G. “Kip” Currier
Human information behavior; Information needs, seeking, organizing, and use; Copyright and Fair Use; Scholarly communication; Social networking; Diversity issues.

Daqing He
Information retrieval and interactive retrieval-system design; User-modeling and adaptive Web-search system design and analysis; Computational-linguistics and natural-language processing.

Alison Langmead
Digital humanities; Contemporary digital and physical information management issues; The management of non-textual information; The history of the archives and records management professions.

Christinger Tomer
Open source computing, Scientometrics, Digital libraries.